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9:17 PM

Hello Everyone!
I haven't shared an outfit of the day in so long!!
The last one was my birthday outfit of the day, so I wanted to bring you a casual outfit something comfy for the weekend.
I was actually planning to wear this to Disneyland and then realized I had a block out day today, which sucked, but I still wanted to share what I would wear to Disney and what I wore to dinner today. 
Hope you enjoy!

Casual Comfy~ Graphic T

I normally wouldn't mix the jeans jacket with pants but I liked how different it looked and I felt that with jeans it was to matchy matchy and this looked a lot better. 
What do you think!?

Outfit Details:
Ariel Graphic T Target
Cargo pants Gift from my mom (today)
Shoes ROSS ($10's)
Jeans Jacket Gift from my mom (today)
Glasses Coach

I love this Graphic T!
Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses, one because it was one of my favorite movies growing up and I also love her red hair ;)

I need to dye my hair asap. (lol)
I haven't had time to go and get it refreshed and I'm dying to make my hair brighter red next time I go. 

I love this picture. 
My little sister is having fun using the Cannon 7D and she came up with this awesome picture. 

On My Nails:
L'oreal Matte-r of fact (406)
Love this green matte color. 
It took me some time to get use to it because it looks very gothic and dark but I think it's a cool effect and definitely something different to have on my nails. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick and casual outfit of the day. 
Thank you for all the love and support from those of you who comment and follow me on Instagram

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    1. Thank you! had to have some green for St. Pattys day yesterday :)