Gift Ideas: For Her

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Hello Everyone!
It might be to early but I did a little shopping today with my mom and while I was at Target I saw a lot of cute stuff that I would personally like as a Xmas gift; that gave me the idea to do a gift guide idea for Her.
I did one of these last year when I first started my blog, so for more ideas check it out here 
I plan on having a couple posts of gift ideas: for him, her, beauty lover, and kids/teens. 
All of these ideas are for Christmas shopping on a budget because that's how I personally shop.
 I would also love to do a gift guide for those of us who sometimes like to splurge on gifts for our loved ones ;)
Let's get into the gifts and please feel free to leave your own gift ideas for her in the comments down below I would love some more ideas. 

1. Cardigans
You can't go wrong with a warm/cozy cardigan it's such an easy gift because I normally don't like gifting clothes because it's so easy to get the wrong size and especially with girls you never want to offend a girl about her size; cardigans can be fitted but the best thing is they can be over sized and still work great!
2. Cases~ 
Any girly girl will appreciate a cute phone case, you can never have to many. Just make sure you know what type of phone they have because some phones don't have many cute cases it that's the case you can get her phone accessories which are also very cute. 
3. Dainty Rings~
Anywhere you go from Forever 21 to H&M you will find the cutest rings. You can even make it more personal by getting her something she likes whether it's hearts, stars, little animals or even gold or silver whatever you know she will enjoy!
Quick Tip
Have her try on some of your rings that way you get an idea of her ring size. 
4. Dainty Jewelry~ 
Something small and dainty is very personal, like the necklace I choose above (#4) has a initial on it. Adding a small touch makes her think you actually put some thought into the gift and didn't just get something last minute. 
5. Make-up Bag~ 
Every girl needs a make-up bag or beauty bag for everyday necessities. I think this Forever 21 bag is so classic it's simple & chic. 
6. Robe~ 
A robe is an essential for all girls, from getting out the shower to when your having those lazy days and don't want to get dressed. Instead of wrapping yourself in a blanket throw on a robe and your warm & cozy, so I think it's a very thoughtful and cute gift.
7. Slippers on-the-go~ 
Slippers are perfect to carry in your purse for the holidays especially for those long family parities when you want to be comfy. A perfect gift to a girly girl who is always in uncomfortable shoes (lol). 
8. Slipper Boots~ 
Instead of having the normal boring home slippers why not have some comfy warm boots to keep your feet warm. Super cute. 

So this kind of became a Christmas wish list (lol) I do have some of this stuff so that's why I thought it would make a great gift and some of it is just too cute for any girl in your life. 

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