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Hello Everyone!
I'm back to share some new goodies with you all!
I picked up a couple new things that I've been wanting to try out and other stuff that I just ran out of.
Hope you enjoy!

Target & Sally's Haul

List of Products:
L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Find here
L'oreal Fairest Nude (800) Find here
Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in Smitten (030) Find here
L'oreal Paris EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment w/ Argan Oil Find here
Dove dry shampoo Find here
Up&up make up towelettes 
NYX High Definition Primer Find here
NYX Lipstick in Thalia 
L'oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense felt tip liquid liner Find heres

I've been in need of a new mascara, the one I've had was starting to dry up but still working pretty good.
As always when I go to the drugstore I always see 'NEW' items, I just cant help my self. So this trip I spotted this really cool looking mascara from L'oreal. 
The name, display and packaging all got me!
I've' been using it for a couple of days now, I will keep you posted on what I think. 

Umm.. by the end of this haul you will notice I'm very attracted to L'oreal products (lol). Here is another L'oreal product and this one I've used before I've actually been using it and loving it, the liner just started running out on me so I had to run out and pick up a back up asap. 


Fairest nude is a necessity in my beauty collection and I was also running low and most of the time when look for this color they're always out so I was very excited to see it in stock. 

Fairest Nude (800)

I like the idea of lip balms or lip stains so I decided to pick this one up from Revlon, the color looked pretty dark at first but once you apply it's not as dark as you think. It also applies very soft, I really liked that
and it's like a big o' crayon (lol). 

Smitten (030)

Did I mention already how happy I am that Target now carry's NYX? Well, I'm very excited!
I always check out their section and I wanted to give the lip products a try and I picked up this nude color in Thalia. It's very pretty and it also applies very nicely and soft. 



Oh primers! Sometimes I'm a little iffy about buying primers because I don't see much of a difference at the end of the day. But checking out the NYX section I had to pick up this high definition primer. I've used it a couple of times and I'm still making up my mind on if I like it or not.  

We all need some make up towelettes, I really like these from the Up&Up brand at Target they're really affordable and they work great on me. Very refreshing.


Okay before I go in to the hair products, if you follow me on Instagram or if you've seen my latest ootd then you would have noticed I dyed my hair red, now because I did that I wanted to pick up some new hair products to help maintain this hair a little longer. 

First thing on my list was Dry Shampoo!
This was very important to me especially now because with my new hair color I'm trying to wash my hair as least as possible. If you don't know about red hair every time you wash it the hair is stripped and it begins to fade very quickly, so a way to maintain it is to not wash it as much.
Now with that being said I don't wash it many times which of course gives me oily/dirty hair and that's where dry shampoo is my new best friend. 

I mentioned in my October Favorites how the Suave dry shampoo would leave my hair white and just not cute so that's why I picked up this one from Dove, and so far so good!

So I did a little research on good shampoos & conditioners for red hair and I kept coming across this brand, which is sold at Sally's. I knew it was going to be a little pricey but to my surprise they were both on sale. 
If you have red hair I would defiantly check them out. 

Original Price is about $15's on Sale they were $7.50 each. 

I ended up paying basically for 1 shampoo and got the conditioner & shampoo for the price of one. 
Keep in mind this is the big bottle of 1L/ 33.8 fl oz. 

I will try and do a post about my thoughts on this shampoo and the updates on how it's kept my hair but really quickly I will tell you it's very drying!
I wouldn't recommend this to someone who has red hair and dry hair on top of it, because your hair will be dry and very tangled. I don't have dry hair normally but this stuff did dry my hair and the conditioner didn't help de-tangle it either. 

Because the shampoo I've been using is very drying I picked up this L'oreal EverSleek treatment with argan oil. I''ve only used it once so I don't have many thoughts on it yet. But for a drugstore product I think the packaging is very nice. 

I know I gave mini reviews on most of the stuff I picked up and it's mainly because I hauled this stuff a couple of days ago and I've had a chance to give most of the stuff a try. 
Let me know if you want a full review on any of these products. 
Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I love the Revlon crayons - unlike some they really do stay put pretty well! The colours are gorgeous, too. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the mascara as I'd like to try it myself x

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

    1. Yeah I'm loving it so much I'm thinking of picking up some different colors :-) and yes I will have a review coming up soon, as soon as I give it a good try! thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!