Stocking Stuffers for Kids

2:05 PM

Hello Everyone!!
So today I took a small trip to Target but I swear I had a purpose this time!
One of my co-workers is helping with a Christmas project which helps needy and homeless families have some sort of Christmas for their kids. She has asked all of us at work to bring in little things that we can to help make these kids have a good Christmas. 
She has one of the biggest hearts I know, so of course I want to help her out as much as I can.
When she first told me about it I thought of the 'dollar section' at Target, they always have cute things and always for under $3's and of course Target didn't fail me and I managed to find myself a little something which I will share at the end. 

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

List of Items:
Slide Whistle 
Top (Trompo)
Fun Dough
Cnady Necklaces/Braclets for boys
Hello Kitty Bracelt/Necklace for girls

Like I said they always have good stuff in this section and these are some of my favorites. 
This top in El Salvador, they call it a trompo, my dad has always had one and my grandpa was the best at it!
You put it on the floor and spin it really quickly and you watch it spin, the cool thing is who can keep it going longer. :)My family has good memories with these, so I thought it would be a fun toy for a little boy or girl. 

I mean how cute is this little Tambourine, I couldn't pass it up. It reminded me of the holidays for some reason. 

All these little wood toys were just too cute and I think pretty unique. 

This fun dough came in packs of 4 all for $1 and they come with little cute press molds for the kids. 

I think these are all great stocking stuffers for any kids in your family, they give them something to play with and they're just cute! If something small like this can put a smile on a little boy or girls face this Christmas that's all that matters. 

Now I don't want to look selfish to where I'm always getting myself a little something I swear I didn't even intend on picking up anything for me but while I was digging for toys and cute stuff for the kids I came across this O.P.I polish for only $4's. I mean if that's not a sign to get it idk what is. 

It screams fall/winter I think. 
I just ripped the sticker of the price on it and it's called 'I Brake for Manicures'.
What a cute name!

Finding the nail polish reminded me I needed some nail polish remover!
So overall a good find of everything I needed well I didn't really need the polish but what can you do, I love me some new nail polishes especially when it's a good deal. 

I hope you enjoyed this little Target haul, I know it may be a little random.
Thank you for stopping by!

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