Nail Polish Haul Under $10's

7:18 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Just the other day I saw an ad from Ride Aid that showed the nail polishes were buy 1 get 1 50% OFF, so of course I had to check it out!
All my favorites were on sale so it was very hard to choose but I narrowed it down to 4 polishes and I ended up getting one for .99 cents; i'm very happy about my little purchase. 

Ride Aid Haul

List of Products:
Sinful Colors 'GoGo Girl' (852)
Julie Nail Color in 'Elegance Edge'
Sinful Colors in 'Black on Black' (103)
Julie Nail Color in 'A Star Is Born'

I love me some red nails so I had to pick up a back up because I've been using my red polish non stop this fall. This Sinful Colors one is only $1.99. So with the sale I ended up getting 1 for half off which made it only .99 cents. 

At first I thought the name was Good Girl lol oops!

I've been looking for a good deep purple/red-ish color and I've seen a lot for Essie but I don't feel like paying $8's for 1 bottle when I can get a couple of different polishes instead. This one stuck out to me it's a very pretty fall color. 

It's prettier in person, I think I will be painting my nails with this color next. 

Black on Black you can't go wrong with this one!
I love it, this is another one that I had to pick up a back up for. 
If you have any recommendations for another good black polish please let me know, I would love to try something else. 

This one does tend to chip but I do type a lot so I always wear off the tips of my nails when I wear this color. 

This one has to be my favorite!

I wear a lot of gold-ish colors in the fall but I do love me some silver and I've been looking for a good silver polish. These sparkles just got me; I couldn't let it go. I can't wait to wear it, hopefully its not to streaky if not I can wear it over a polish. 

All these polishes came up to $10.23 because of tax of course. But I think they were a great deal, make sure to check out your local Ride Aid for some great deals. 

Thank you for stopping by! Oh and make sure to check out my Instagram I'm sure I will be posting swatches of these polishes very soon because I can't wait to try them!

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