San Francisco~Diary#1

7:23 PM

Hello Everyone!
I wish I could say I was in this amazing city right now but sadly I'm not. 
This year my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to venture off to new places as much as we could. It so happens that for my birthday, in January, I wanted to visit San Francisco. 
The beautiful City. 
I have friends who have lived there and who have visited multiple times and I just had to see it for my self. I must say it's a crazy city (some parts) but it lived up to it's expectations. 

Any part of the city you will see something interesting and the views (OMG).
I would just stand there and stare at it instead of taking pictures. 

Here we are walking down the famous Lombard street. 
We did drive down as well, I wanted to drive down but when it came time to it I was like mmmh no never mind lol (too scary). 

I was lucky enough that my boyfriend had planned things out (in his head) of what we would be doing and where we would be going. He made sure I got to see all the well known parts that I wanted to see. 

I mean hello!....How could I go to San Francisco and not visit the FULL HOUSE!
It was so cool that soon after this trip the Fuller House show came out. 
I was so excited. I kept saying "I've seen the house now". What a dork I know. 

I once thought I would only see this in pictures or on TV. 
It's very surreal.  

Alamo square; across the street from the Painted Ladies. 

This was our last stop. 
Amazing. Seriosly breathtaking view. This was another part of San Francisco that I had hopped to see for so long and there it was. A lot of people say it's hard to see it without the fog and we had the chance to see it with no fog over it. Either way I think it would still look amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this little Diary. I already have more ready to go but before that I want to share a post ALL about Alcatraz. I took a lot of pictures there and I didn't want those taking away the attention of my favorite pictures from the trip. I will have that coming up soon and after that I have a mini Diary from Lake Tahoe!

I hope to stay on my blogging game this time, I know I have gone off and come back before. And that's because every time I stop I end up missing it too much. 

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  1. Yay! Glad you're back!

    xo, J

    1. OMG thank you so much!!!! So so happy to be back! :)