Dairy Free Living

9:32 AM

Hello Everyone!
I come back to you with a Dairy Free Haul.
Okay so the last few months no more like forever ago lol I started finding out that dairy doesn't sit well with me anymore. I feel like maybe I had too much of it at some point and my body said nope no more. (lol). 

If I remember correctly this started a little before the holidays (2015). It was hard to eat/pig out during the holidays because I didn't know what I could and couldn't eat. I mean milk of course was a no but you would be surprised how many things contain milk once you have to stop having it.
Now I have not chosen to be vegan or anything like that. But as I was going through this transition as I like to call it; my little sister (16 yrs. old) decided to go vegetarian and in some ways she has also started becoming vegan very slowly. 

I'm sharing this because now I come up with ideas for her and I to be able to eat. I have some quick snack ideas coming up too. I have planned some of these posts for awhile now. Even if you are not vegan or if you can have dairy (Lucky you) you are still able to get some "healthy ideas".

Now this is a life style that I have slowly changed, it is far from perfect so if you have any ideas please share! 

In this Sprouts haul I picked up some of my necessities.
I can't give up coffee, I mean come on, give up milk and coffee nope not happening.
First thing I always make sure I have is my Silk Vanilla soy creamer. It taste so good!
I also ask for this milk in all my Starbucks drinks, it honestly taste better then regular milk. (Try it!)

Butter is another must, I like this Earth balance one. It's vegan and I personally can barely tell the difference from regular butter. I use it on toast and to cook a lot of my meals.

The yogurt is a recent favorite. I've now seen them at Sprouts and Walmart. Food for less has Yoplait that's lactose free and that's pretty good too. 
I was afraid I would have to give up yogurt but this stuff taste so good.
(Also quick tip if you love frozen yogurt they have dairy free one just look for the little pictures that say dairy free).

I always try to pick up some fruit as you see in the picture I picked up some strawberries, bananas, pineapple and also a bag of frozen fruit. I use the frozen fruit for smoothies all the time. 

And if you are dairy free like me you will love the coconut milk ice cream. Oh my god, life changing. SO yummy. Sometimes I still crave ice cream I mean duh I'm only human, and this one is such a great choice.

I hope you enjoyed this quick haul!
I also hope to bring you more soon and also some quick snack ideas too.
The dairy free life isn't easy but it's not impossible either.
I have come across many new things and some are even better then the real thing. 

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