Target Dressed Me

6:23 AM

Hello Everyone!
I think I said enough with the title. Everything I am wearing is from Target (NO Joke). 
My little brother's promotion to High School was this week, I went on a hunt for a hat at target and I totally scored. From experience, at graduations, I have learned that you sit out for HOURS in the sun after all the graduates walk. I knew with my history of migraines that I had to take care of my noggin. 

The price on the hat was $20 and I thought that was a okay deal and then...
when I paid attention to how much I paid it was only $5!!!
I couldn't believe it, such a good deal. 
Find the hat at Target here (I only see the brown but check in store). 

I'm sure all Targets will have different pricing because this one wasn't even marked on sale.
Check out the hat section because Summer is coming fast. 

Love this dress. It's so comfy and I think super cute. 

My nails, I did my self. A little something different from the french tips. Instead of doing pink I went with a light purple and I love it! I've gotten a lot of compliments on them, maybe I can share a post on how to do them at home. Super easy.

These sandals have been my go to during the hot weather. So comfy and cute, also from Target.

This hat really saved me from getting a migraine; which is the last thing I wanted on that day.
It also reminds me of a hat my grandpa use to wear all the time. My dad thought the same when I showed it to him. Sometimes you need small things to keep your angels around.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick OOTD. I hope to bring you more soon. 

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