Collective Fall Haul

1:51 PM

Hello Everyone!
Slowly but surely I have been collecting layering pieces for FALL. 
Yesterday I picked up a lot more but I still have older pieces that I picked up; by old I mean a month or two. 
I also pick up some random things from Target. 

I have been trying to grow my "work" clothes collection but whenever I buy clothes for work I always try to think of outfits I can wear them with outside of work. So that I can get my money's worth. 
This is why I stick to basic tops, tops that I can layer with blazers or cardigans. 
You will see what I'm talking about. 

On the note of work I also wanted to mention that I will be starting a new job on Monday (TOMORROW)! I'm very excited. 
Duh I used the new job as an excuse to shop ;)

OK guys I just had to pick up the Veggie chips in GHOST & BAT shapes. I mean how cute is that!
Am I alone on this one!?
They are great snacks for work. 

Most of the stuff I picked up has been from H&M. 
I just love their basic pieces. 
They are also very affordable, well some pieces. 
I have noticed that Forever 21 has been getting a bit more pricey; is it just me?

$16.99 at Target
First thing I had to get were some simple flats. 
I have flats now but I tend to pick cute flats with different colors or gold jewels and then they don't go with a lot of things. 
So I told my self OK only plain black flats. 
These I can also wear with casual outfits outside of work. 

Pretty things. 
The pencils I picked up from the dollar section at target. 
Isn't that section the best!?
The pretty pink note book I plan to carry in my purse to use for notes for work or just things I need to jot down. I think it's the perfect size to use as a carry around notebook. 
And..... because I'm so ready for fall I had to pick up a new fall polish. 
I wanted a wine looking red/purple and I found it. 
This is the Sinful colors in Aubergine (1049). 
Such a petty color. 
(See my Instagram for a swatch)

$12.99 at H&M
I fell in love with this cardigan. It was very in expensive, great material and light weight. 
This is perfect for layering on top of a basic top or a long sleeve when it starts getting colder. 

I ordered this one online awhile back. When I first saw it I was bummed out that I ordered it in a bigger size but after wearing it a couple of times I love it. It's such a sturdy shirt, it's warm but breezy at the same time. It goes with a pair of jeans or slack, even with leggings. 

$39.99 at H&M
I fell in love with the color of these jeans; just a classic jeans color. Right!?
Then I saw they were flared out jeans. 
I had to get them. They fit perfect. 

$9.99 at H&M
Loved the long sleeves of this shirt & the button detail. 
Very simple but classic. 
Also another top to wear with jeans or slacks. 

2 for $10 at H&M
Some basic tank tops. 

$9.99 at H&M
I fell in LOVE with these tops. 
Not only do they fit perfect but the turtle neck top is perfect for fall.
I wanted this shirt in every color! My lil sister had to stop me. 

$9.99 at H&M
It's such a sleek and simple shirt. 

My mom recently gave me a gift card to GAP. 
Which I typically don't shop at. 
But I went with the intention of getting a really good quality top. 
While I was there I didn't see anything I really liked but this sweater seemed so warm and cozy. 
I think it's meant to be a cropped sweater so my sister and I picked it up in a Large. 
Perfect for fall. 

I can't wait to wear all these pieces. 
If you couldn't tell I can't wait for fall weather to get here. 
I mean technically we are in Fall but here in the LA area it still feels like summer. 

Anyways hope you enjoyed this post!!

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