$10 Shoes at Target

4:12 PM

Hello Everyone!
So I had to share this great deal at Target right now.
I've had my eye on a pair of shoes like this, I saw some at Forever 21, now that I want to find them I can't (lol), but normally when I buy Forever 21 shoes they are pretty uncomfortable so I didn't want to get them. But the other day I was at Target and I spotted these!
I saw the clearance sticker and it said $10.48!!!
I couldn't believe it.  

At first I had seen the tan ones and thought some black ones would be nice. 
I turned the corner and I see the black ones in my size. 
It was meant to be. 

Regular Price: $34.99
On Clearance: $10.48
Black & Tan

They are so cute and pretty comfy!
Al tough I did wear the tan ones yesterday and the part by my toes kind of rubbed up on my toe and I did get small blisters I guess, but I'm sure once I break them in they will be fine. 

I love that I can wear them pretty casual with jeans and I'm sure I can dress them up to. 
So excited for them. 


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