Fall Thrifting Haul at Crossroads Trading Co.

8:03 PM

Hello Everyone!
For awhile now I have been meaning to go thrift shopping for some fall essentials and today was the day! 
I took my little sister with me and I don't think she enjoyed it as much as I did (lol).

Before I get into the haul I want to let you know where I go thrifting, my mom actually introduced me to this place. It's called Crossroads Thrifting Co., check out their website here and you can find a location near you; I go to the one in Costa Mesa.  
Also make sure to check out the first thrift haul I did here on my blog find it here.  
I always find great pieces there.

When I go to a thrift store I always have a list of things I'm looking for and today I had a couple on my list

On my List: 
Over the knee boots
Shoes/ Heels
Leather Jacket &
Jeans Jacket

I didn't find most of the stuff on my list but I found some really cool items. 
The reason I go to thrift store to look for certain items is because I know I can find them pretty quickly at the mall but most of the time I think they are over priced. At the thrift store I can find them for half the price sometimes less, I just have to dig though lots and lots of clothes. 

Thrifting Haul

Today's Thrifting Finds: 

Let's start with this cute khaki polka dot sweater, how cute right!?
I tried it on and it fit so good it's in a Large which I find for Old Navy clothes I always end up going a size up so it was perfect. It's a soft material and in great condition. No loose threads, holes, or stains. 

Originally from: Old Navy
Thrifted: $8.50
Online or In Store: Range from $20-34's

I didn't find anything similar online but most old navy sweaters I think are really cute but I'm not willing to pay over $30's for a graphic or simple printed sweater. So I'm very happy with this find. 

I think the sleeves look so cute rolled up because of the colors being the opposite inside. 
I can dress this down for a casual day or even tuck it in to slacks and wear it to work. 

Second find was this super cute graphic sweater. 

Originally from: Volcom
Thrifted: $13.50
Online or In Store: $34-48's

I also didn't find this one online but any Volcome clothing and sweaters are ranging from $30-50's. 
So I feel like this sweater was a steal. 

This is another sweater that is in great conditions and really good quality as well. 
I love how long the sleeves and and of course the print. 
She has glasses on just like me, of course I'm going to love it. 

The last sweater I picked up was this cardigan. 
It looks brand new, the buttons looked as if they had never been touched. 

Originally from: H&M
Thrited: $9.50
Online or In Store: $12-34's

Sweaters & cardigans range in price at H&M, I'm not sure how much this cardigan was originally but the quality is very good. It's a thick material not flimsy at all and the print is so pretty and I think great for casual or work days in the fall. I feel like I can take it from wearing it with boots to heels for work. 

I'm pretty happy with my finds I didn't pick up much but I know I will be getting a lot of use from these three sweaters this fall. Oh and by the way I didn't add any links because the sweaters I found are not that similar but if you would like me to just let me know and I will add them in. 
I hope you all had a great weekend and that you enjoyed this mini fall fashion haul. 
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Good luck to you all. 

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